[Set up scene]

[A slow low brass  “slam” echoes through the darkness of the screen, timed to the flickering revelation of a “war tent” made of red fabric and lit from within, surrounded by dark, dank looking trees]

Deep voice: Darkness now rules the world…

[Cut to a pair of feet running through waving grass in the dark, moving so fast as to be a blur. Sounds of frantic, terrified breathing.]

Deep voice: …and war is fought from the shadows…

[Cut to an obvious soldier-bot inside the tent, backlit by red from the tent fabric. Focus is on a candle that suddenly flickers, making the bot look up, eyes wide] [Cue brass “slam” again, fading out to a slow rumble]

Tent Bot: *incredulous, nearly hissed* …you!

[Cut to darkness, then slowly bring up the light again, revealing the other side of the tent interior from the floor up, book pages turning as wind from outside is let in] [ Add the violins to the low brass as the shot pans up, coming in A’la “scary” POTC]

[crescendo, accompanying a lightning flash]

[Switch to a scene of a bot’s face in the darkness of an unlit room, looking weary and hard]

Bot: *low rumble, angry* I want him dead and I want him dead NOW! *eyes flash red*

[Cut to the view of someone short and slight, hidden by the shadows of the room, so that all you can see is a vague, darker outline and a pair of green eyes as the figure bows]

[music is slowly building]

[Cut to a soldier at a post lit by a flickering torch, a CO walking by with his hands behind his back]

CO: Keep an eye out, soldier. The darkness hides them.

Soldier: -Yes Sir!-

[Cut to black]

Deep voice: When lives are worth less than nothing…

[Cut back to the tent, the music building a bit more strongly now, adding more frenetic, lower-pitched violas to the mix]

Tent bot: *is staring at a point beyond the camera, now standing up* *quiet* Are you the one they sent to get rid of me?

[Cut to a lightning flash outside, and the view of an obvious military field-medic staring up at the sky, looking heartless and menacing in the low light]

Medic: There’s going to be death tonight.

[Cut back to the tent, the “front” view again, panning up once more, this time to the black-clad knees of someone standing in the tent-flap opening]

[Low brass “slam” as the scene cuts to rune-covered stones in the middle of the jungle, and weary, filthy bots in stealth fatigues sitting around a campfire. Zoom in to one bot looking at another, blue eyes sad]

Blue-eyed bot: *with a thick accent* They chose you for a reason.

[Camera switch to a bot sitting in the shadows of the rocks, hidden by them so that nothing more than a silhouette and a pair of green eyes can be seen. And the green eyes look -away-]

Blue-eyed bot: *quiet* They want you dead, you know.

[Music is building again. Cut back to the tent, to the bot inside, a sword in his hand]

Tent-bot: *bitterly* …typical. They couldn’t even afford me the respect of a decent fight. *waves his sword in a beckoning manner* Come on then.

[Cut to black]

Deep voice: …when pain is the only way you know you’re alive…

[Low brass BOOM, accompanying a lightning flash and a cut to another scene, this time of a General pacing down a hallway, yelling at the same medic from earlier as he is walking away from him]

General: What have you DONE? You’re going to get them -killed-!

Medic: *whirls, eyes looking evil as he cuts the General off* They -want- to die. I’m giving them the -means-.

[Cut to the blue-eyed bot by the campfire again, but only for as long as it takes to establish who is speaking, then pan over war-weary, filthy  bots slogging through a “dead” area, everything around them grey and smoky]

Blue-eyed bot: None of us are going to come back alive. We’re cursed.

[quick cut to black]

Deep voice: …and when you have nothing to lose…

[Cut to the tent again, to the slowly rising camera facing outside, going up to the shadowed, black-clad shoulders of the someone standing in the door]

Deep voice: …because there’s no reason to keep living…

[Lightning flash, then cut to the inside tent view, and the bot with the sword lowering it, staring in horror]

Tent bot: *whispering* …you’re a monster.

[Cue music going loud and FRENETIC, lightning flash scenes of battles that look like they were taken straight from hell, screams, bots running only to be cut down, bots doing the -cutting- down, then switching to the tent and the shadowed figure fighting with the tent bot, never being fully revealed until the tent bot is tripped up and goes down]

[Music slows and becomes softer as the camera cuts to a close-up of the downed tent bot, and the shadowy figure leaning over him. For the first time, the figure’s face comes into the light, and you see it is a little, freckled boy, tears streaming down his face even as he looks at the downed bot with dead eyes, raising a dagger above his head, mouthing the words ‘Please don’t make me do this’]

[Cut to the candle on the desk guttering just as the sound of a blade ‘SHUNK’-ing home echoes above the music]

[The candle guttering makes everything go dark, leaving only light grey smoke to see by, and the music just -abruptly- dies]

Child’s voice from off-screen: *heartbroken and high pitched, but halting and barely even a whisper* I don’t wanna be a monster…

[Music comes back to do its -own- “guttering”, fading to low brass only, a single, minor-keyed note thrumming through the cut to darkness, the title ‘burning’ its way out of the blackness to glow eerily white]

“Unit 13”

[Music turns into a lightning flash, then stops abruptly, and the trailer is over]

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